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Welcome to my new RELOADING page

This is where you can find information on reloading classes, and equipment. I do not sell any reloading equipment nor components. You will not take ammo home unless you bring all componets, i.e. Bullets, powder, primers, cases.

We’ll start off with instructional classes

Criteria listed is for first time attendee’s, Additional classes in same experience level is a continuation from where we left off and refining your skills as a reloader addressing specific issues or areas of concern or questions that you have.

Cartridges that I can accommodate reloading class

Rifle calibers

.22 hornet on single stage

.220 Swift Progressive or single stage

.22-250 Progressive or single stage

.223 Rem Progressive or single stage

.270 Win Progressive or single stage

7x57 Mauser Progressive or single stage

.30-30 Win Progressive or single stage

.308 Win match grade single stage only

.30-06 Springfield Progressive or single stage

.300 win mag single stage only

.35 Rem single stage only

Pistol calibers

9mm NATO Progressive or single stage

.38/357 S&W Special or Magnum Progressive or single stage

.40/10mm AUTO Progressive or single stage

.44 S&W Magnum Single stage only

.45ACP  Progressive or single stage

.45 Colt Single stage only

Introduction to reloading $50

A basic introduction where you get to pick my brain for up to two hours. Operation of equipment is optional based on your needs. but be advised this is a very limited class. more of a “what am I in for” kind of thing.

Absolute beginner novice instruction $100/$75 first time/repeat cost

You get a half day of basic reloading instruction (Aprox 4 hours) that will include hands on reloading of pistol and rifle ammunition. You will be given a Lyman current edition reloading manual with the course along with my reloading data sheets on hard copy and CD in PDF form. Repeat visits do not get a copy of the manual or the data sheets

We will cover SAFETY!!!

Powder handling and storage

Component handling and storage.

Press set up

Die set up

Case prep

Component selection

Then on to the reloading process

Sizing and decapping


Powder dispensing

Bullet seating and crimping

Quality control, to include proper use of measuring tools

Introduction to progressive reloaders

All components will be supplied and retained at the shop No you do not get to take ammo home due to ammunition manufacturing laws. Beginner course where I supply components will be limited to 9mm/45 ACP or .223/5.56 nato, 7x57mm, 308, or 30/06 only

If you desire to take ammo home you will need to bring all components Powder, Primers, Brass, and Bullets

Intermediate reloading instruction $75

Three hour hands on class. Manual not included but one can be purchased separately

Safety refresher

Introduction to progressive reloading (Dillion RL550B)

Setting up for production reloading

Introduction to electronic powder scales

More specific to your type of reloading needs (we will taylor the class around your needs)

Intro to match grade or precision reloading

All components will be supplied and retained at the shop No you do not get to take ammo home due to ammunition manufacturing laws.

If you desire to take ammo home you will need to bring all components Powder, Primers Brass, and Bullets

Now on to some basic advice on reloading, the Why’s of  reloading.

So you are tired of trying to find ammo for your rifle pistol or what ever. Tired of paying inflated prices for ammo?? Well read this and understand it well. YOU WILL NOT SAVE MONEY RELOADING!!! Yep thats right you will not save money reloading!!! once you factor in the cost of equipment, even the cheep stuff, super basic kits, you will still be paying at least what the cheep ammo costs per box or more. There are only two reasons to get into reloading,

To build the best ammo for your pistols and rifles

To build ammo for rifles and pistols you can not buy at all or easily

Thats it. there are no other root reasons to reload. Now that said I will make a clarification on the money aspect of reloading, In most cases you will not save money compared to the cheep ammo, But you can reload high quality high precision ammo for the cost of the cheep stuff. So the first time you buy match or premium ammo and suffer from sticker shock you’ll understand why people reload.

So that’s the why’s right there

Electronic powder scales and check weights

Some advice when buying a electronic powder scale.

On scales that have high degrees of accuracy as in milligram scales (.001gram or .015grain) you need to be sure that the check weights you use are at least double the accuracy of the scale you are using. For a milligram scale (.001gram) you need at minimum a ASTM class 2 certified mass or a OIML RIII-I 2004, class F1 certified mass.These classes are +/- .5 mg or .0005 gram for a 100g mass. This is the bare minimum tolerance level required to calibrate and check your scale on a regular basis. If you use a mass with an unknown tolerance you could be using up to a class 7 or an M3 which is so far out of the zone you need to be in you may as well calibrate with a known bullet weight. I highly recomend a ASTM class 1 certified mass or a E2 certified mass as these are .25mg and .16mg for a 100g. This is four times more accurate than your scale can resolve so you know with near absolute certanty that the scale will read 100.000g without any rounding error being induced by your mass tolerance. This is also why we calibrate our micrometers with gauges that are certified to the millionths of an inch and not just the tenthousandths of an inch. It reduces the level of uncertanty to such a low level that the tolerance of the gauge is insignificant. Don't cheep out on the standards you use to calibrate your scales.