Links to useful prints of course free of charge just pass them on to the next guy don’t resell them

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All of these prints were sourced from the internet and downloaded for free. I’m am compiling them here for ease of reference and one more place to find them. Feel free to link to this page, down load what you like but please do not keep them for sale.

Due to public availability I feel there is no violation of copy right laws. Again all of these files can be found on the internet for free down load.

Also Please note that some of these prints are original military specified prints and it may not be legal to build a firearm with all of the features listed on the prints. Please build legal stuff with these prints and have fun. Ammo is too expensive for full auto and if you have that kind of money you can afford the tax stamp, the wait, and the weapon to do it legally.


AR15,M16, AR10, LR308



SIG, Ruger, Uzi, Etc

Misc Gunsmith & reloading info

Keep in mind books will down load slow due to file size

Mosin Nagant


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