All parts are made to order. I carry no inventory

Lead time is about one month right now due to my current workload

First a little legal disclaimer 


1. I am not a Gunsmith nor do I offer the services of a gunsmith

2. I do not hold a Dealer/Gunsmith FFL  (01) Nor a Manufacturers FFL (07)

3. I can not receive a firearm in my shop for any work*

Ok that said what I can offer is custom part fabrication for your firearms. i.e. scope mounts, Sight bases, Square bridges, Swivel bases, Recoil pads, butt plates, wing safeties, Bolt handle welding,  etc.. 

If you need a part that no one has or no one makes let me know as I may be able to machine a part for your at very competitive prices.

I am also very skilled in Injection mold and Thermo form mold repairs. I can weld up and recut runners, repair ejector pin holes, recut sprue bushings, make modifications to part design. I will be adding an EDM to the shop in the future but right now i contract out my EDM work I will also add a Injection mold repair page to the site.

I can also make the parts and fixtures from nearly any material you desire at additional cost of course.

I have access to 4130, 4140, 1045, 1095, Stainless steels in 304, 316, 416, 420, 17-4 & 18-8. Aluminum, brass, bronze, Titanium and Monel.  Plus a wide variety of plastics and composites.

I keep a decent supply on hand too.

I can also repair parts that you bring in so long as they are not attached to a firearm when you bring them in. 

*The asterisk is there for the Gunsmith provision under the CFR's. So long as I am making after market parts and not working on firearms I'm legal. If you bring a firearm over to have a part fit to it. The gun must leave with you the same day. i.e. the firearm can not stay in my possession over night, nor can you leave it with me unattended even for a moment. It’s a chain of custody issue. The firearm must be in your possession at all times. I severely limit this aspect of my shop to things like needing a measurement for scope bases.

If business is good I may just get an FFL but right now for what I'm doing it's not needed nor required. Read that BATFE as I AM NOT WORKING ON FIREARMS FOR PROFIT.


We can create custom fixturing for nearly any application.

K.L.Stottlemyer & Co.

Toolmaker Extraordinaire

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