Custom Muzzle Brakes

Built for any weapon, any caliber,

with proven results

Testing of the brake and the one mile shot

My Uncle and I took his rifle to the desert and with the brake installed the performance was outstanding

K.L.Stottlemyer & Co.

Toolmaker Extraordinaire

The difficult immediately the impossible will take a little longer

My latest and greatest design. Can be scaled to nearly any caliber, adds a little weight to muzzle, can be made lighter or heavier relativliy easily,

.30 Caliber shown above works on any rifle 300 win mag and smaller

But the best feature is self timing, I've made these with differential threaded inserts. This allows the brake to be installed at home and clocked perfectly top dead center without the use of the crush washer or shims. This adds significantly to the cost of the brake but the shape of the brake allows more rapid production and therefore cost reduction,

Force Penatrator Self timing mini stating at $200

Force Penatrator fixed thread mini stating at $100

Muzzle brake in action at night

Perfect V pattern

This is shot from just behind and to the right of the shooter

This brake was tested with two very experienced shooters behind the weapon which was a heavy barrel Remington Sendero. Yes I may be bias on what this brake can do. I can tell you that shooting this rifle is very pleasant to shoot and feels like a heavy .308 or a heavy .30-06

I viewed this brake being shot and I can tell you there is no muzzel rise ZERO. Yep that’s right none. How can I make that claim??

Because when fired you can see the weapons recoil and the barrel is being pushed down INTO the bag we were shooting off of.

This brake works and maybe it works a little too well.


The .308 version i've personally tested on two rifles. The first being my Mk11(or what i call my Mk11) and the other is on my Remington 700 5R stainless. I can tell you for a fact that i can not really feel a change in felt recoil on the Mk11 and that is due to the weapons weight. It is a heavy rifle weighing in at 14lbs unloaded but I can get back on target fast enough to see my bullet splash at 850 meters.

Now on the Rem 700 I can feel a significant reduction in felt recoil and muzzel jump. I typically shoot this rifle with the brake off because this is my 1000 yard rifle so switching to the brake you really notice it.. It goes from a .308 to a 7.62 x39mm in felt recoil