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This is a free basic data book for long range shooters. it is PDF or Windows XL so you can print what you need and go with it. it's 8.5x11 or 8.5x5.5 your choice. If you know how to work a printer this will print double sided and in the proper orientation that you can just cut the pages in half and punch holes.

This is a combination of my work and the work of others so please do not sell this but feel free to share it. I came up with this after looking for a decent priced basic data book, None existed. What in the hell does a civilian need a Sniper data book for? and I mean a real military snipers data book, with sheets on calling in artillery and air strikes, Well hell why am I practicing for an F Class match if I can just call in an Air Strike?? Yeah $70 for a data book with crap you'll never use? No thanks.

If you want something water proof. Buy some write in the rain paper from Amazon or eBay and print your own water proof books.

Please feel free to email me with suggestion on changes or additions to the book.

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PDF version

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XL version