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The difficult immediately the impossible will take a little longer

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You were most likely directed here from one of my posts on the Accurate Reloading forum, the Miller Welding forum or off of gunsmiths.com. Either way you found me. Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. I hope we can do business together.

My name is Kerry Stottlemyer and I’ve been a machinist and tool maker for over twenty years. I’ve gained quite a bit of experience from job shops I’ve worked in over the years. I’ve made parts for dies, fixtures, aircraft, aerospace, musical instruments, vacuum form molds, Injection molds, medical devices, optometry fixtures, fishing reels etc. Programmed complex parts on CNC machines, designed and manufactured parts for customers in the $100K range.

We specialize in one off, one of a kind parts.  Specifically R&D tool room grade projects, One of a kind Prototypes, Models, Patterns, and Concept parts. This also includes the run of the mill repair or modification projects. We are not a production shop, We don’t do production work. This is not the shop for 1000 piece part orders. We take multiple part orders on a case by case basis only. I also build custom parts for firearms. I do not hold a Federal Firearms License so the work that I can do to firearms is limited to making aftermarket parts. I can not do any work to your firearm. I also can not have persons on site at the shop. I deal strictly in mail order. Although i do have a lot of misc firearms parts and modification examples on the site, I am not a Gunsmith. The majority of my side work comes from random repairs that other shops want to much to set up for.

Please take your gunsmith projects elsewhere.

Please send us your ideas. We can handle anything from a simple sketch to a CAD file. We can work with many file types including IGS, DXF or DWG files and we can also create drawings for you in two or three dimensions.

Call me with your questions or needs any time day or night. The phone is always on.

Custom work

Yes I can consult on jobs for you or if you are a home machinist that requires a little guidance to get set up. Call me. My shop is open for your use*.  I can take you through a hands on training class covering basic machine operation, safety, feeds and speed for various materials. And any other areas you wish to cover.  I'm completely flexible in the guidance I'm offering and will customize the training specific to your needs. You will be under my direct supervision and a safety course will be given prior to firing up any machines

Basic lathe operation and set up, Mill operation and set up, Surface grinding, Single point threading, Gunsmithing etc.

* Shop use is for the purposes of training only. I do not rent out my shop or machines as a project shop.  This service is offered only as training and is being offered to get you up to speed on a specific set up to be used on your own machines or basic safe operation practices and general machine shop practices for those with no machine experience.

Machine list:

15”X30” Takishawa Lathe, fully tooled

Bridgeport Milling machine with Acurite Milpower CNC control

K.O. Lee Surface grinder

30X toolmakers microscope

Miller Syncrowave AC/DC TIG/SMAW welder

Support tooling for nearly any job.

These are full size, full power machines. I’ve invested a large amount of capital into my machine tools. I take what I do very serious. These are the same machines you’d find in any tool room where I used to work. But these are set up in my garage so my overhead is extremely low. Which is why my labor rate is low.

Labor rates and shop times are billed as follows

Standard shop labor rates apply from 6 am to 10 p.m. Overtime/after hours rates apply from 10 pm to 6 am*

*Continuous hours worked at the overtime rate that run over in to the new day are billed at the current overtime rate. (i.e if a job starts at 5 am and does not finish until 9 am you will be billed four hours of overtime. Travel time is billed portal to portal.

Freight and taxes extra. Payment is due upon completion of work

K.L. Stottlemyer & Co. reserves the right to request 50% down net 15 days on quoted work

Bolt handles

Scope bases

Custom made scope rings

For nearly any type of mount, any scope, any firearm

Shop labor rates,

$60 per hour

1 hour minimum charge,

Consulting, engineering, Or CAD CAM $100 per hour 2 hour minimum.